Razer Gaming Phone


The Razer gaming phone was an incredibly exciting project to be a part of. NERDTRACKS had the opportunity to design all of the user experience audio for the Razer phone, one of the few flagship mobile devices available in the year of it's release (besides the iPhone X, and Google Pixel 2, it was the only stereo phone device on the market). It a THX certified mobile device, using Dolby Atmos encoding to create a high quality audio experience for it's users.


  • Sound Design
  • Music Composition and Production
  • Testing and Implementation on Android devices
  • EQ and Mastering of all sounds optimized for this specific phone

    NERDTRACKS worked for nearly a year with the Razer phone team and designers to create ringtones, alarms, notification sounds and camera sounds for this new, high end mobile device. It's been getting great reviews for both it's video and audio capabilities. Here's one from Techcrunch. This review from CNET highlights the sound of the phone. This review from The Verge gives it high marks for it's future thinking. Gizmodo also really enjoyed the device. This video review (below) also goes into great detail about the lock on/off sounds, and it's so nice to see reviewers take time to admire the audio design. Skip to 3:38 to hear him rave about the unlock sounds!