Portal "Storytime" AR Stories

Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality

The PORTAL device (2017-2022) by Facebook was a video communication device, and contained a  great AR (augmented reality) feature called StoryTime, where a video caller can tell a story that animates and puts AR masks on the story teller's face. NERDTRACKS provided  music and sound design for some of these wonderful features such as Trouble Bubble, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and a few Todd Parr stories such as The Ok Book and The Don't Worry Book. StoryTime was a launch feature when the first Portal launched in 2017 and there were many technical issues that we dealt with in preparing the audio for this new method of storytelling. 


  • Music Composition and Production
  • Music Mixing and Mastering
  • Music and sound design asset preparation for use in Spark AR
  • EQ and loudness tuning for the new device
  • Collaboration with the Storytime team which was comprised of ex-Pixar storytellers.

Meta/Facebook has removed all videos from their channels in reference to StoryTime or Portal so we can't provide the video that we would like. In the meantime, enjoy these Muppets ads for the Facebook Portal device that are pretty funny (though we didn't have anything to do with them).