Gunman Taco Truck


Gunman Taco Truck is an independent game from Romero Games (John and Brenda Romero). Action destruction mutant blasting, pull into town and serve up tacos from the roadkill, shop for condiments and better trucks and truck mods, and try to make it to Winnipeg! All to the tunes of Mariachi Apocalyptic Punk Rock! This game has been nominated for many awards (including Best Soundtrack and Best Music in an Indie Game at the Game Audio Network Guild Awards). Edits of this soundtrack also appeared in Counterstrike Global Offensive in the Masterminds Music Kit update in 2020. The soundtrack is also available on digital streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp


  • Music Composition and Production
  • Orchestration and Conducting
  • Music Mix and Mastering (optimized for mobile game devices)
NERDTRACKS MUSIC ยท Gunman Taco Truck Original Soundtrack (partial)

Here's a Jim Sterling review of the game: