Gathering Sky


Gathering Sky is an award winning indie game, released in 2015, and won praise in the games press for it's originality. It's a playful experience about shepherding a flock of birds through the sky, and has been honored with over a dozen awards and commendations from the Independent Games Festival, IndieCade, the Game Audio Network Guild, and others. From the Boing Boing review "The score, composed by Dren McDonald and recorded at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, adds measurably to the experience, brightening the more cheerful moments and intensifying the tension the thunderstorm level, where you fly in near-darkness illuminated by lightning cracks." 

At the Game Audio Network Guild awards that year, Gathering Sky won "Best Audio in an Independant Game", "Best Sound Design in a Mobile Game" and "Best Game Audio Article" (for a Game Developer "Audio Journal" about this game). The soundtrack was released for all digital streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp


  • Music Composition and Production
  • Orchestration and conducting
  • Audio Engineering
  • Dynamic Interactive Music Design
  • Sound Design
  • FMOD middleware integration
  • Audio Direction
  • Game Trailer Audio and Mix (advertising/marketing)
NERDTRACKS MUSIC ยท Gathering Sky Original Soundtrack (partial)