Fingerprints Documentary


Fingerprints is the story of two music programs for kids – one in Haiti and one in California – that come together, virtually, to record two songs. Along the way, the kids learn that, even though their lives are very different, their spirit, ambition, and love of life are strikingly similar…and music is a universal language that connects us all. Made by filmmaker Don Hardy (Pick of the Litter, Citizen Penn) and KTF Films. IMDB page here

NERDTRACKS scored this short film (which made it's premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival). In addition to scoring the film, we also arranged the songs that the kids recorded in the documentary, created all of the ProTools files that went to Haiti and San Francisco for the sessions and later compiled all of the tracks, and put these 2 songs together which were later released under the name of Fingerprints World Orchestra.


  • Music Composition and Production
  • Music Mixing and Mastering
  • Song arrangements
  • Session file prep
  • Recording Engineering (on site)
  • Video tutorials for the Haiti musicians to learn the parts!