Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirates Hideout Reboot


Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirates Hideout was a classic platformer game that was originally released in 1988, designed by John Romero (just before he helped design Wolfenstein and Doom at ID Software). In 2014 John decided to re-release the game, which could be played in it's former glory or in it's new reskinned stated, with updated graphics, a new score and sound. John later released the game in a boxed set as well as being available on iOS/Android and PC. The score is also available on digital streaming and on Bandcamp. This soundtrack introduced a new game music genre, "chipbilly" combining chip tunes game sounds with 'hillbilly' blues/rockabilly structure and instruments (banjo, slide guitar, standup bass, and fiddle). 


  • Music Composition and Production
  • Audio Engineering
  • Music Mix and Mastering (specifically for mobile devices)
  • Orchestration and conducting